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Firm Blake attorneys
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Address Green Acres Office Park, Sherwood House, Cnr Victory and Barry Hertzog avenues, Greenside, Johannesburg, 2194
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Languages English Afrikaans (in order of proficiency)
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BA (Wit) 1989 LLB (Wits)1992

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Access to ChildrenAdoption
Business LawChildrens Rights
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Small and Medium Business enterprises - esp Engineering and Trucking services. Family Law.


Advice on contracts, small and medium business support and advice. Collection of Debt in the larger than R50 000 range. General family law work especially parenting plans and single parents parenting structuring.


In 1993 I started articles with a firm that specialised in personal injury litigation. This gave me the opportunity to run lots of trials and learn a great deal about Court and witnesses. A few years later I left the field and joined a commercial litigation firm for a short year. 

In 1998 I decided that the world needed another new law firm and opened Blake attorneys. We have served our clients in personal matters - divorces, domestic violence, children and family matters - and their businesses  in small and medium size companies in all fields from engineering, trucking and logistics to couriers, beauty product manufacturers and hotels. 

After 20 years in business, we are hard to shock. And harder still to beat. 



We believe in giving clients a full and proper picture of their case as early as possible so that we can make the best possible decisions together, at an early stage. 

We've also developed a specialisation in family matters and have a thorough understanding of the new Children's Act and its application to married and unmarried families. 

We are not on the panels of banks and insurers and so we can assist clients who need to sue these giants and want someone with experience in insurance litigation who can recover their fair due. 

We like to develop and maintain long term commercial and personal relationships with our clients where mutual trust can develop and we can enhance our client's understanding of their rights and how best to maximise them. 

Average Hourly Fees < R500
Please note that this is an indicative rate and may vary according to task. Please request a quote for exact amounts.
Number of Qualified Attorneys 0
Number of staff in firm 3 - 5
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The Children's Act 38 of 2005 has been a game changer for parents. It has changed the playing fields and made unmarried families more equal to married families. 

Most Children's Courts have a court or magistrate's devoted to dealing with disputes between parents and will refer the families to private or public social work services if they see the need to do so. Did you know that if you are the caregiver for a child, and their parent is not paying the bills, that the Children's act also provides that the parent or both parents can be ordered to contribute to the costs of that child.